Posted: February 23, 2024 | Article by: Rhexseine John Nuevo, Zyra Bacud

The Triumphs and Setbacks of Tanauan Institute Inc.’s Basketball Team

Tanauan Institute will hold one of the biggest and most anticipated school events on February 19-24, 2024, highlighting the school’s excellence in various fields. The week-long celebration, titled “Creating Opportunities,” includes exhibits, parades, carnival rides and booths, various games and contests, field demonstrations, concert, fireworks display, and, of course, the alumni homecoming - continuing the old tradition of welcoming back the members and graduates of the institution for the past 100 years to reminisce, reconnect, and celebrate with their old peers.

Tanauan Institute Men’s Basketball team slipped to secure a spot on semi-finals after getting a 1-1 win and lose stats during the elimination round of the Tanauan City 2024 Division Athletic Association Meet (DAAM) at First Asian Institute of Technology and Humanities (FAITH) Gymnasium last February 23, 2024.

During the first game of the elimination round of the DAAM, the TI Men’s Basketball team whitewashed the His Care Christian Institute Darasa (HCCI) by putting up a huge margin score.

During the first quarter of the game, TI started to dump scores on HCCI by playing off its strong defense and aggressive plays and continued to outplay the HCCI into the second quarter with a score of 42-10. While HCCI in the third quarter showed off their best to lessen the huge margin score, TI continued to shoot points from Magsino, Hernandez, and Datuin, TI still had momentum as they heated up the leading score against the HCCI, finishing the game at 84-32 on the last quarter. The first game victory of the TI Men’s Basketball team in DAAM.

During the second game of the elimination round, Tanauan Institute faced the Tanauan School of Fisheries (TSF), showcasing a rollercoaster and fierce match.

In the opening of the first quarter, three-point shots from both teams lit up the fire of the game. In the early minutes of the game, a strong line-up and defense from both teams made it difficult to gain the upper hand. In the last 2 minutes of the quarter, both teams tied at 17, but Anton Magbanua of TSF showed off his shooting skills, winning the quarter to TSF, 21-17.

TI opened the second quarter with a 3-point shot and the box defense strategy to gain the lead, 29-23, though TSF tried to take on defense, TI found a chance to shoot 2 points, finishing the quarter 41-29 in favor of TI.

The third quarter started off with the momentum of an intense fight from both teams, as Magbanua of TSF got an opportunity to shoot and score but TI did not let the TSF take the lead and ended the quarter at 56-47.

In the last quarter of the game, TI maintained its lead by 10 but in the last 3 minutes of the game, TSF took the shot by stealing and blocking the ball from TI, lessening it down to 4 points. The audience was also intense, as in the last minutes of the quarter, the score was tied at 70. Up to the last 4 seconds of the game, the score was tied, but a penalty was committed by TI, and two free throws were scored by TSF. TI tried to tie the game, but again, a violation occurred with two free throws for TSF. The game ended 74-70 with an unexpected comeback.

According to Aaron Mendoza, team Captain of the TI Men’s Basketball team, “Their two guards were unwavering and maybe we were complacent because we thought it was going to be us we’re going to win because of the lead in the 3rd quarter, s but TSF took that moment so they could win the game.” He also added his cents on the strategy and advice from the coaches and took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to their coach, “Based on what our coach told us, having a 3 to 2 defense is effective, but the only problem we had was we lost our focus on the game because of the pressure, so we lost. We still had a good run in the division meet, we are thankful for our coach sir Allen Rodriguez.”

On the other side of the court, the first game of Women’s Basketball between Tanauan Institute Inc. (TI) and Tanauan School of Fisheries (TSF) began with TI taking an early lead in the first quarter. Throughout the game of Quarter 1, TI consistently demonstrated solid gameplay, maintaining control and finishing it with an official score of 14-11. The intensity increased in the second quarter, where TI dominated offensively and defensively, resulting in a notable quarter lead of 30-17.

As the game progressed into the third quarter, TSF attempted a comeback, but TI maintained their superiority, showcasing their continued prowess as they secured a victory with an official score of 62-35. The games’ progress showed TI’s strategic gameplay and successful teamwork, leading to their triumph in the match of the Women’s Basketball game.