Posted: February 18, 2024 | Article by: Kirsten Gabrielle Lopez

Creating Opportunities: Tanauan Institute’s 100th Foundation Day

Tanauan Institute will hold one of the biggest and most anticipated school events on February 19-24, 2024, highlighting the school’s excellence in various fields. The week-long celebration, titled “Creating Opportunities,” includes exhibits, parades, carnival rides and booths, various games and contests, field demonstrations, concert, fireworks display, and, of course, the alumni homecoming - continuing the old tradition of welcoming back the members and graduates of the institution for the past 100 years to reminisce, reconnect, and celebrate with their old peers.

As fun as it may sound, the event would not be possible without the keen planning and preparation of the students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel. However, some people think that this would mean an additional burden because various expenses are required, like costumes and other monetary contributions. We all know that a lot of parents have limited funds, and they want to use their hard-earned cash for more important matters. Some students also think that additional tasks will be added to their loads aside from the typical exams, homework, projects, and other duties. These are factual issues that a lot of people are encountering behind the scenes of this glorious event.

Though it is expected that notions like this will occur and having everyone take part, it is still valid to respect other people’s time and finances. There may be monetary obligations for the parents and some sacrificial academic days for both the teachers and students, but we should take into consideration that a lot of practical learning will be honed during these events. These include patience, discipline, and teamwork, which are also crucial for the student’s personal development. This celebration will remind everyone about the humble beginnings of our “alma mater” and appreciate its improvements and achievements through the years. Moreover, it is an opportunity for current students to witness the legacy of others and start determining their own before they graduate.

So, is this celebration really important? Indeed, it is. In whatever way, commemorating every academy’s birth is significant because the memories and smiles of the participants are priceless. This year, witness new and exciting activities as Tanauan Institute celebrates its centennial year of excellence while creating new opportunities for students to hone their skills, develop their talents, and nurture their spirits into better individuals.