Posted: February 11, 2024 | Article by: Rein Aiyeza Cuya

Unveiling Excellence: Tanauan Institute’S Rise In Research And Innovation

The Tanauan Institute’s objective states that it aspires to be a top-tier university committed to modern research and higher learning, and it is slowly achieving this goal. Tanauan Institute had a research forum the previous academic year where students from different strands presented their research. Two groups won three honors apiece, dominating the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) academic strand category. Only the two mentioned groups will continue to apply their research for the Culminating Activity, commonly referred to as the Capstone Project.

Even though many of the studies are excellent, the most notable was the group that took home the Best Research Paper, Best Group Presenter, and First Place Individual Presenter awards for their study ‘Cocos Nucifera and Vermiculite; Absorbent of Industrial Oil in Sea Water.’ They tested coconut husk and vermiculite’s ability to absorb oil from saltwater using the action of a circular mixing motion and demonstrated its effectiveness through straightforward observation. The new project they are working on will be called ‘Cosferalite: Absorbent for Industrial Oil-contaminated Seawater’ building on their previous study. In addition to developing a product based on their previous discoveries, they will send the water to laboratory for ph-level analysis in order to offer more information and show outcomes

The research study named ‘Phytoremediation of Heavy Metals from Wastewater using Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) through Rhizofiltration Method’ is being carried out by one of the groups that received a lot of recognition for their great work. In order to demonstrate that eggplant roots can filter wastewater, they brought the raw and filtered wastewater to a laboratory where metal analysis is performed. They demonstrate the plant root’s ability to filter heavy elements. They won First Place for Best Group Presenter, Best Research Infomercial, and Best Research Output. The ability of eggplant to endure rhizofiltration will be the subject of their capstone project because, despite its importance, no studies have been conducted on the subject.

As Tanauan Institute’s teaching quality has been consistently improving, people are naturally curious about what the school will offer next. Based on the students’ performance from the previous academic year, which included outstanding output and exceptional speaking and defending skills, who knows what the students will bring to the table. Do you wonder what the pupils at Tanauan Institute will deliver next? Would the new pupils truly be extraordinary and surpass everyone’s expectations?